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Berlaz Drone


Photos or videos to enhance your websites.



Our Academy - Your Success!

Our mission is to help those who want to go further. Berlaz Academy makes it a point of honor to provide all the necessary help to develop a career in commercial construction project management.

            1. Quality content — The content of our lessons reflects the quality of our trainers, as                        well as the context of commercial construction projects.

            2. Active in their discipline — Our trainers are still very active each in their respective                        discipline and therefore understand the current context of construction.

            3. Customer Service — We provide excellent customer service that will allow you to                          have all your questions answered. You have access to the information you really need                  in your work.


Our vision is to be the provider of learning product experiences that bring authentic, comprehensive, continuous, creative, and challenging learning.


Your Challenges - Our Drawings!

Some often tend to perform the work in a conventional way without looking at the details and implications of certain inaccuracies. In increasingly complex projects, if particular and unusual details are not controlled, it can have a bad aspect for a project.

We are aware to be interested in all the details. The turnover of staff throughout a company can sometimes lead to a lack of control. New eyes often help to improve this aspect, which is so important.

We make sure to understand the customer’s requirements, we gather all the requests before the start of the project to list and gather all the important elements. We make sure to meet with the people in charge at the right time to leave little room for improvisation.

Our quality process covers the entire execution program, from start to finish.


qu'est-ce que la gestion de projets

Your Projects - Our Management!

We put at your service a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with the commercial space as a profit-generating environment. We have worked together on hundreds of national development projects. All led by talented associates with the experience to make all your projects profitable.

            1. Planning — We plan projects for which we have a mandate as if they were our own                     investment.

            2. Management — Our project management support is based on common sense and                    profitability of the project.

            3. Site monitoring — Our site management is based on the accumulated experience                      of all our years in the field of commercial construction.

We share with you our passion, which is a guarantee of success for all your projects.

Our Drones - Your Images!

We offer you a unique aerial photography service. With our certified and experienced professional team, we offer you unique perspectives on your real estate, construction, infrastructure and much more. Our aerial shots give you a detailed, high-resolution overview of your site, helping you make more informed decisions.

Our drone is equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and superior flight equipment, which allows us to provide clear, stable and accurate images. We always work closely with our clients to determine their needs and help them achieve the best results.

Our aerial photography service is also fast and efficient, saving you time and money. We know that each project is unique and we adapt accordingly to provide a tailored service that meets your needs.

Finally, we are proud of our commitment to safety and respect for the environment. We comply with all applicable standards and strive to minimize our impact on the environment at every stage of our work.

If you are looking to improve your vision for your projects or to obtain more detailed information on your sites, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our aerial photography service. We are here to help you achieve your goals.