Our mission is to help those who want to go further. Berlaz Academy makes it a point of honor to provide all the necessary help to develop a career in commercial construction project management.

            1. Quality content — The content of our lessons reflects the quality of our trainers, as well as the context of commercial construction                   projects.

            2. Active in their discipline — Our trainers are still very active each in their respective discipline and therefore understand the                               current context of construction.

            3. Customer Service — We provide excellent customer service that will allow you to have all your questions answered. You have                              access to the information you really need in your work.


Our vision is to be the provider of learning product experiences that bring authentic, comprehensive, continuous, creative, and challenging learning.

Our Team of Trainers

Jean-Claude Lazure

Construction Project Trainer

Philippe Viau

AutoCAD Trainer

Jean-Claude is a commercial construction project manager with more than 30 years of experience, defining himself as a Project Facilitator.

He has collaborated to complete several programs of national banner construction projects across Canada. His journey of several years in commercial construction project management, putting priority on the human relations of project management, naturally serves as a basis for him to put his experience and knowledge of the NLP (Neurolinguistics-Programming) approach at the disposal of those who really want to be successful in their project management.


Being still active in his discipline, he understands the current context of construction. 

Philippe has an
ability to teach and popularize things.

With expertise in drawing of more than 25 years on different software, his experience and his taste for teaching were accentuated during his time as a trainer at the SAMO Training Institute. He will train construction specialists, among other things on the Autocad software, cost estimation and project management.