Straightforward Construction Project Management

The Beginning

Although I have been in and around the world of Project Management for about 30 years now, I followed a much different path than most Project Manager probably have: I became a Project Manager without knowing the first thing about the job. I knew that I did not have any of the diplomas, or certifications that are usually expected, but, as I quickly realized, I was going to lose out on a lot of opportunities if I did not simply jump in.

The Passion

So, I built my knowledge of Project Management on my own, learning the hard way—which is one of the best ways, if you ask me. I gradually began to undertake more and more projects, taking on major clients—all over the province and then further—and I worked, and I am still working, for many well-established brands and corporations.

Over the years, I have come to realize that managing projects is, fundamentally, about building human-scale business relationships and that those relationships will provide us with a tremendous power to deliver projects.

The Force

I now make this experience available to anyone ready to achieve their projects while striving to keep work relations in the human dimension. Because teamwork does not magically appear by itself. Teamwork is an everyday concerted effort to establish honest relationships, to learn and respect the strength and weaknesses of each team member and to make do with the imponderable of life in order to create a new force of co-operation.

Human-scale business relationships. As simple, and as complex, as they come.

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Jean-Claude Lazure
Project Manager

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